How to Write a Great Call to Action

How to Write a Great Call to Action

One of the most difficult parts of a successful marketing campaign is writing a good call to action.  Writing an effective call to action is an art and even the most experienced marketing gurus struggle with it.  So don’t expect to get it right the first time, it may take a couple of tries and some beta testing before you get the ideal call to action.  You can make the process a little easier, here is how to write a great call to action.

Put it Right Above the Fold

Attention spans are short!  Your website visitors have neither the time nor the inclination to spend time scrolling through your site, so guide them where you want them to go right from the beginning.  Above the fold means that the call to action is at the top portion of the website and they don’t have to do any scrolling to get to it.

Address a Problem

If you want to establish a connection with a potential customer then you need to convince them that you are there to solve a problem for them.  It doesn’t matter how good your product or service is if a potential customer doesn’t feel they need it.

Find an Emotional Connection

Business people and consumer both make buying decisions based on emotion rather than cold logic. You need to tell them a story that they can relate to, that will help you to create a relationship.  Human beings relate when they have shared experiences.

Use Plain English

Marketers tend to get caught up in industry jargon, don’t do that when it comes creating an effective call to action.  Use plain language, good call to actions are simple things like “click here” or “call us today”.

Offer Some Incentives

Some of the best call to actions give the customer something in return for taking action.  Give them the chance to get a free report in exchange for an email, make the freebie something that your potential customer will want.  You need to pique their curiosity.

An effective call to action is so effective your customer gets from point A to point B smoothly.  It needs to be a seamless transition from landing on your webpage to getting where you want them to go.  Writing and effective landing page, with the right call to action is an art.  Effective landing pages can dramatically improve the conversions on your website and turn those browsers into paying customers.